What a cool and exciting time to be involved in the kitchen and bath industry. Randy and I have owned our own remodeling business since 1995. Like many people, the recession caused us to have to retool and recreate our business. We went from being partners in R & W Construction to Randy being the main face of our business and adding wood working projects to his repertoire, hence the name change to Studio 912.

Now we are opening our own Kitchen, Bath and Specialty Rooms showroom that we will be offering design, cabinetry and countertops out of.  Randy and I will both be handling the design piece and if needed, Randy will be handling the install piece of the remodels and enjoys the woodworking side of his business by incorporating unique pieces into his kitchen designs.

I wanted to blog about some really neat ideas for reclaimed islands to corporate into new kitchen designs. Whether the rest of the kitchen is remodeled to also include and exude a vintage look or the kitchen is made up of a new design and new materials except for a piece or two, like the island, anything goes and it’s more about the homeowner’s taste and the way they live in their kitchen and less about creating a cookie cutter design and looking like every other kitchen in the neighborhood.

The kitchen below is a perfect and beautiful example of marrying the old with new. Using reclaimed beams and wood along with vintage-style lighting creates such a cool and functional living space. Specifically, notice the reclaimed beams that are cut to the higher height of the island and then tied into the whole design by the upper counter being placed over the entire upper expanse of the island. Notice the new cabinets and the new design of a microwave drawer along with the very rugged wood pieces. Love it!

Bar End

A great way to incorporate an island into your kitchen space is to put it on casters. Using reclaimed materials lends easily to that design. Shelving can be included along with hooks and baskets and a reclaimed wood or butcher block countertop. It can then be moved to exactly where it is needed along with being tucked away if necessary in a smaller kitchen.

Wood on Wheels

Check out this larger version of an island on casters. Using wooden crates for bins is such a clever idea!

Crates as Storage

The use of reclaimed, beautiful woods along with the new materials of an island can create almost a work of art. The wood can be installed at different directions/angles, at different depths, etc.

Reclaimed Slats

Using windows, drawers, etc., that have been salvaged from old homes along with old pieces of furniture are a lot of fun to use in creating a one of a kind island to really personalize your kitchen. Perhaps the pieces are from a grandparent’s barn or your parent’s home – the one you were raised in or drawers from a great-aunts buffet . . . creating a unique piece with such sentimental value is priceless.

Windows and Drawers

Using an old piece like part of a work table or a dresser that is painted and distressed and then topped with a wood countertop is a perfect way to create an island in just the right size for your kitchen.

Thin Work Bench Piece

Extending the countertop over an old dresser creates an eating area on one side of the island giving it double functionality. Notice the wheels on this dresser island, again making it easy to move to where it is most needed for the moment.

Green Dresser

If room permits, have a reclaimed wood table built to double as countertop space with storage below and as a dining table/game table/homework table, etc. for the family.

White with Dark Wood Top

Add some cool vintage seating pieces to complete the look.

Old White Table

Paint parts of the island/table and include the same color in the seating to incorporate other bold colors in the kitchen (notice the turquoise blue in the hood vent in the background). I love standing back and seeing a particular color that draws the eye through and around the beautiful space that the kitchen has become.

Blue Drawn Through

Create bar areas in the kitchen by using old, farmhouse reclaimed wood components.

White Furniture Island

So many endless possibilities exist for marrying old with new. Reproductions of old-style lighting, ceiling beams, reclaimed wood flooring, farm sinks; the list goes on and on. Call Studio 912 today to design your dream kitchen that reflects who you are and how you live in your kitchen.