A popular method that people are using these days to find reliable sources for their needs is through their friends on Facebook, or more specifically in this case, a community chat group.  When our customer posted in our local community chat group that they were looking to remodel their kitchen and would appreciate any recommendations, I responded and we connected.  The customer lives right around the corner from our home, so we are familiar with the area and what was a good design/budget to stick within to create a great new space, but one that didn’t price the home out of the neighborhood market.  The customer was very forthright with their budget, which, let me tell you folks, is the way to go!  While we certainly don’t gouge our customers with our prices, we can do everything we can to bring them down to stay within budget as closely as possible when we know what the budget is to begin with.  It saves everyone time and aggravation to know what we’re working with right up front.  Upon meeting with the customer, we took “before” pictures and listened to what the customer liked about their current kitchen, what absolutely had to go and all things in between.

As the soffits had minimal mechanicals in them, we were able to remove them to achieve more cabinet height and space.
We flipped the refrigerator with the stove to allow for the cabinetry above the stove to be more symmetrical and a focal point for this wall.
By removing the built-in shelving in the wall, we gained cabinet space, including an end shelf cabinet to allow for decor and plants to take advantage of the window.
By removing the wall, we were going to have room to add an island to the room as well as cabinetry pieces on a separate wall that were made to look like furniture pieces. Because the customer was losing their dining room, space was included at the end of the island for a table and seating.

An important part of the design process is the customer sharing pictures that they have cut out of magazines, saved to their iPads, pinned on Pinterest, etc.  It gives us a great idea of what direction they’re going in for what they want in their kitchen as well as how they would like it to look.  The customer already knew they wanted to knock down the wall between the kitchen and dining room to gain more space.  Being that the new space, even with knocking down the wall, wasn’t going to be huge, we agreed that bringing some interesting character into the space would make up for what it was somewhat lacking in size.  We talked about how a great way to add character to any kitchen is to have more than one color in the cabinetry.  Adding glass to some of the cabinets gives the illusion of a larger space with some of the cabinets having glass shelving and interior lighting.  With the wall being knocked down, there was now going to be room to add an island.  The customer was thrilled to have the extra storage and counter space that the island was going to add along with a way to get the microwave off of the wall and under the counter.  We discussed using different colors and even product for the perimeter and the island counter tops and that by adding fun lighting above the island and the sink, more interest and character can be achieved.  The customer wanted to save money by doing some of the work themselves, which we are always happy to allow the customer to do.  They did the demo themselves along with the painting and backsplash tiling.


inspiration-1 fullsizerender




Taking the customer’s needs and wants along with our creative ideas to the drawing board, we came up with perspectives of what the new space is going to look like.  This is such a fun time in the process as we get to let our creative juices flow and then easily tweak and adjust what we’ve come up with until it is just the right look that the customer is wanting to achieve.




Everything came together beautifully!!!  From dream to design to fruition, this kitchen has so much beauty, character and functionality.  From the different colored cabinetry to the alternating depths of the upper cabinets; from the angled end, glass door cabinet, to the furniture looking piece on the opposite wall; from the accent lighting to the different countertops . . . this is a kitchen we are really excited and proud of!  The customers were such a joy to work with and they did an amazing job on the pieces of the project that they took ownership of.  Thank you to one of our lines of cabinetry, Haas Cabinets, for helping us to create this fabulous space!







We’re excited to work with you on your next project.  With our quality cabinetry lines, Haas and Starmark along with our custom woodworking pieces to add that personal touch to any design, we will help you achieve a space that is reflects who you are and functions well with the way you live.

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