Essential Bathroom updates for 2016

Since its the start of the new year its the perfect time to plan out how you will freshen up that one bathroom that has gotten a bit old and out of date. Here are some quick ways to update a bathroom to give it that (almost) brand new feel.


a little coordination can produce big results. Take a look around your bathroom and see what little fixtures, frames, or switch plates could be update to a newer more cohesive style.

Paint your walls

We all know painting can be a chore but once that paint drys you’ll find yourself in a whole new space. Your color choices can set a more intimate relaxing mood or pump of the energy with bolder tints.

Get better lighting with LEDs

If you have ever struggled to put on make up or shave in a bathroom that is too dim you know how the results can be disastrous. Installing brighter LED lights will make sure you are seeing clearly what you are doing. Also, a brighter light will help you feel more alert and energized.

Add furniture made from reclaimed materials

We know its a bit of self promotion but our Studio 912, inc reclaimed furniture can make any room feel new. Custom made and one of a kind, we stand behind our furniture for a lifetime.

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